Air Filter Replacement

Air Filter Replacement in Spokane, WA at Larry H. Miller Downtown Honda Spokane

When the engine air filter of your Honda requires replacement, schedule a service appointment here at Larry H. Miller Downtown Honda Spokane. Whether the engine of your Honda comes turbocharged or not, it utilizes an air aspiration system to mix outside air into the gasoline before ignition. While the air outside might contain dust, dirt, leaves, and anything else nature throws at you, the grille and air filter behind it act as a barrier, stopping anything but clean air from entering your engine. However, as with any part or component of your car, the air filter wears down after some time, necessitating that you replace it as needed. You can order a new air filter online here at Larry H. Miller Downtown Honda Spokane.

Know the Signs and Symptoms

The engine air filter should undergo replacement once every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, but these numbers depend drastically on many factors. If you tend to drive on more unpaved surfaces in you morning commute, then you may wish to consider replacement sooner as the increased intake of dust and dirt from the outside will cause your filter to wear on faster. Likewise, if the engine of your Honda comes with a turbocharger, you may also wish to consider air filter replacement sooner as these types of engines come designed to allow for increased air flow in order to optimize performance and efficiency.

If you remain unsure, you may check the filter itself underneath the hood to monitor its current condition. If the filter appears black or otherwise dirty, you should schedule a replacement appointment with us. Otherwise, check for these important signs:

  • Reduced fuel economy/increased tailpipe emissions
  • "Check Engine" warning light
  • Gasoline smell within car
  • Reduced horsepower
  • Stalling/misfiring engine

Schedule an Appointment Today

When your engine air filter comes due for replacement, a genuine Honda air filter will work the best and last the longest. If you know the serial number of the part you seek, order it online through our parts center. Otherwise, schedule a service appointment and come see us today at Larry H. Miller Downtown Honda Spokane.


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