Best 5 Used Cars Perfect for Teenage Drivers in WA

So it's about that time when your current vehicle is slowly becoming your teenager's. While they continue to press you for a vehicle of their own car, it's likely you have thought about getting them a used car and which one would be the best for them. While there are plenty of vehicles to choose from in the greater Spokane area, there are some that stick out as some of the best for teens. Between reliability, gas mileage and other factors, here is a list that we put together of the five best used cars that are perfect for teenagers.

Used Honda Accord

Thinking about style is generally one of the things that are on the forefront of teenagers mind. Luckily, the Honda Accord has that and a lot more. Known for its reputation of being extremely reliable, even getting one of these vehicles with some descent mileage won't make a huge difference as some Hondas are known to last at 250k miles and then some.  Between that, safety and having plenty of space, there really isn't anything that the Accord can't handle?.even teenagers.

Used Toyota Corolla

Like Hondas, Toyota is another name that has a great reputation for lasting long. Always scoring well in crash test ratings, the Corolla is the perfect sized vehicle that provides efficient space, comfort and features that any teen would appreciate. And with a fuel efficient four cylinder engine, teenagers are more concerned with getting from point A to B instead of engaging in reckless behavior.

Used Scion xB

While it's appearance may be a turn off for some, for others it can be one of the most practical vehicles out there providing a great value too. While the vehicle itself is relatively peppy and responsive, it also sports a ton of space that can fit people and cargo quite comfortably. Whether your teenager is in a band or getting ready for college, this vehicle will definitely be able to handle the task.

Used Subaru Impreza

Anyone who likes complete control on the road should consider the Subaru Impreza. Offering some excellent handling performance which is aided by having all-wheel drive capability, the Impreza is going to make any teen driver feel safe and in complete control. Going with the base four cylinder engine is going to provide plenty of power and provide the best fuel economy too.

Used Ford Focus

Offering a much sportier look than some of the other vehicles out there, the Ford Focus does more than dress to impress. The interior is not only nicely styled but offers great tech and features too. Newer models generally will offer hands free Bluetooth connectivity as well which definitely aids in making things safer for teens that otherwise may have their cell phones attached to their heads. Overall, the Ford Fusion is efficient, safe and definitely fun.

So if you happen to find that your teen is pushing you out of your car faster than you can fill it with gas, it might be time to consider having them get a car of their own. No one said that you had to front the bill, however now you have a good idea of what used cars are going to be perfect for your teenager.



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