The Honda CR-V Hybrid here at Larry H. Miller Downtown Honda Spokane is a new and innovative SUV that has been designed to be eco-friendly, but also comfortable and stylish. This SUV offers the best of both worlds: it can get 60 miles to the gallon and still travel at speeds up to 75 mph. It's an ideal SUV for those in Spokane, WA looking for something that is fuel-efficient but still has a whole lot of power.

This SUV has been designed to be environmentally friendly. It is fitted with a hybrid engine that can run on electricity as well as petrol, which means that it just emits a small amount of pollution into the air - around 98% less than other vehicles. This really makes it stand out from the crowd and shows just how far we have come in terms of environmental protection.

The SUV itself is sleek and stylish, with a futuristic look that ensures it will really stand out for all the right reasons. It has been designed to fit four people comfortably, with enough room for their luggage too - which means that you can travel long distances without feeling cramped or uncomfortable at all.

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