Buying a car for the first time? No need to panic, even if you have no previous car buying experience, our First-Time Buyer Program here in Spokane,WA gives you the opportunity to enjoy a new Honda vehicle of your own.

First Time Car Buying Simplicity

Buying a car is one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make. That particular decision gets even larger when you've never purchased a new or used car at a local Spokane or Spokane Valley dealership. The good news is that we've developed a special program for first time car buyers to help answer all of the questions you might have. Buying a new or used car in Washington isn't as stressful as you might think. Over the past few years, we've prided ourselves as the premier car buying location in the state of Washington, and are always committed to taking care of the customers that have helped our business grow over the years. Our goal is to help get you into a vehicle, with the correct car loan that's right for you.  
 Make a list of your car needs and wants.
- How many people and stuff do I need to fit into my future car?
- Do I need to tow anything around Spokane? 
- Which safety features are a "must have" for me? 
- What fuel economy or MPG do I need?
- How much will my auto insurance cost me?
- Do I want or need an upgraded engine or turbo?
- Do you want leather seats, an upgraded stereo or navigation?
- What other luxury features does my new car need? 

Figure out a price range that fits your budget

Once you've decided what you're looking for, it's time to look at your financial situation to see what your monthly payments will be. Try our payment calculator to determine what you can afford. Hopefully, you've identified the car that's perfect for your personality and budget, and now is a great time to learn about the car financing process. We offer two different options for people. You can apply in-person at the store, and you can fill out this easy to use form.

Find Out More About Our First Time Car Buyer Program

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