We're Here to Help!
Get Approved Washington helps hundreds of people each month to establish or re-establish their credit through the purchase of top quality vehicles. Out friendly team is here to help get you the answers, the financing and the vehicle you need to build a solid credit future.
The Process is Quick and Easy!
The process consists of 8 simple steps:

  1.         Application
  2.         Credit Reports
  3.         Documents
  4.         Loan Officer
  5.         Vehicle
  6.         Approval
  7.         Paperwork
  8.         Verification


And we'll follow up with you, to make sure we have provided you with your best car buying experience ever!


The Application

We will help you with the application process. We will review the application to ensure it is completed in full and totally accurate. We will verify Current and Previous income/employment and residency and review your payment history. 

Credit Reports
We will pull your credit reports to see where you stand. 



Here are some documents that we will need. 

  •         Copies of recent paystubs
  •         Copy of W-2 Forms
  •         Lease, Mortgage or Rental Agreement
  •         Driver's License
  •         Full Insurance Coverage

Loan Officer

Our lenders can obtain the best financing available for nearly every type of credit, from excellent to bad to no credit. In order to determine what vehicle and monthly payment is in your budget, they will evaluate the following:

  • Stability of job and residence
  • Ability to pay
  • Credit History

The Vehicle

When choosing a vehicle with us, we will always work to put you in newer vehicles. The vehicle type, year and mileage will determine the term of the loan. We will make sure the vehicle has a complete vehicle inspection. When looking at the price of the vehicle keep the monthly payment usually equals +/- $35 per $1,000. The average down payment is +/- 15-20% of sale price. 


Once you have found a vehicle that meets your needs we will make sure the vehicle you chose meets the lender's guidelines.


When everything is approved, we will begin the final paperwork.


After all the paperwork is filled out and submitted, you get to drive home in your car and on the path to reestablish your credit!