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If you are looking for a great place to take your car for repair, just type in "Auto Mechanic Near Me" and it will lead you right to us! We have some of the best auto mechanics in Spokane that are ready to take care of all your auto repair needs. We understand that service can be stressful at times and we are here to make your auto service visits are easier and more enjoyable. Our auto mechanics are Honda Certified and ready to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the health and performance of your vehicle.

"Thank you for choosing us and giving our auto mechanics a chance!"
- Ron Passmore, Service Manager

Some Things To Consider When Choosing An Auto Repair Shop or Service Department

What Sets Our Mechanics Apart?
Our professional technicians are specially trained through Honda programs that give them the knowledge, experience, expertise and skills to provide the best quality service to our customers. While they are proficient in working with Honda vehicles specifically, the skills they obtain make them competent when repairing and servicing vehicles of any make and model. When our auto mechanics get Honda certified they get training in and take classes on the following topics:

  • Steering and Suspension
  • HVAC
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Diesel Engine Performance
  • Engine Repair
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Brakes
  • Drive Train/Transmission
  • Air Conditioning
  • Restraints
  • Fuel and Emissions Basics
  • Electrical Advance
  • Brake Systems
  • Honda Fleet Technical Training
What's The Difference Between Going To The Dealership vs. A Local Auto Body Shop?
There are common misconceptions that revolve around the benefits of going to a shop instead of a dealership and we are here to address some of those myths and hopefully change your mind about choosing us over them.

  1. Price - It's the age-old argument that "the dealership is way more expensive when it comes to service repairs." Our service department is proud to report that we regularly check competing shop prices to make sure we are giving you affordable rates that are competitive and sometimes cheaper than other Spokane auto mechanics. Some repairs can seem a little spendier but when you consider the Honda Certifications, staff trainings and experience, dealership service warranties, Honda support, advanced service tools and machines and Service Advisors that keep you informed and included every step of the way, we are providing a level of professionalism you won't find anywhere else.
  2. Tools - Because we are Honda Certified and backed we get the benefit of hosting unique machines you won't find at the local auto repair shop down the street. We receive special tools and diagnostic machines that help us service your vehicles in a more consistent and efficient manner. For a list of our specialized tools and machines and what they do take a peek at the section below.
  3. Space - We have a new dealership on the way! By early 2018 we will have more service bays and space than we ever have! The increased space means we are better able to serve you and your vehicle. With more space also comes more Honda certified technicians, more machines, more tools and more ways to make your auto repair visits easy, affordable and enjoyable.
  4. Amenities - We offer a spacious waiting area with comfortable seating. We have television and magazines to help pass the time and an area where we keep complimentary water and soda. We even offer cookies and doughnuts from time to time. Free wifi access allows you to work or play on your phone/laptop while you wait or our complimentary shuttle service will drop you off and pick you up from anywhere in Spokane so you can drop off your car in the morning, go to work and then come get it when work is done! We want to make your visit as convenient as possible so if there are things we could provide but aren't at this time, let us know and we will see what we can do to make it available.
  5. Community Involvement - Larry H. Miller Dealerships conduct business through a consistent Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Principles that include Stewardship, Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work and Service, just to name a few. Because of this we have set programs and a local charity committee that give back to the Spokane community. We also participate in the group-wide Larry H. Miller Day of Service every April. To honor our founder, staff from every department in every dealership volunteer their day to help people/charities in need around the cities they are located in. From painting, garbage pickup, landscaping, building and general cleaning, our teams do it all for the community we live in and love. 
Tools of the Trade
One of the big benefits of coming to a dealership for car repair and maintenance versus a smaller repair shop is the variety of specialty OEM-backed auto repair tools and machines. Below is a list of our Honda certified tools and brief descriptions of what they do to help us service your vehicle.
  • Factory Honda Diagnostic Scan tool (HDS) - this machine is exclusive to our Honda Service Department and helps us identify what your car needs attention to when the Check Engine Light flashes on.
  • Immobilizer Programming tools -  the tool allows us to add and program new keys to Honda vehicles. Exclusive to Honda auto maintenance & repair Shops.
  • Factory Maintenance, Repair and Diagnostic Database - We have all year and model Honda information for standard major and minor maintenance, potential repairs that may be needed and diagnostic information for any and all issues that could arise during the life of your Honda car, truck or SUV. Exclusive to our Honda Auto Maintenance Department in Spokane.
  • Up-to-date Alignment Machine - This machine allows us to perform speedy and accurate alignments and is always equipped with current factory updates.
  • New factory 1234YF A/C Machine - This tool focuses on automotive & HVAC. It's a machine to aid in A/C recovery, recharging and recycling. Exclusive to our Honda Auto Service Garage in Spokane.
  • New Factory R134A Machines - Similar to the above machine, this tool is used to recharge, recycle and recover refrigerant and coolant in your Honda. Exclusive to our Honda Auto Repair Shop in Downtown Spokane.
  • Over The Air Software Updates - New for 2018, this software allows remote updates for the technology in your vehicle so you don't have to bring it in and have us manually update it in the shop -  right now this only applies to the new Odyssey. Exclusive to our Honda Service Center in Spokane.
  • Aiming & Calibrating Equipment - used to make sure your lane watch cameras, collision mitigation and lane departure radar are always working at peak performance so you and your family are in a safe environment. Exclusive to our Honda Service Department.
When you take into account our professionally trained and certified mechanics in Spokane, along with accommodation, Factory-backed warranty and OEM parts, a dealership service center and repair shop can offer a level of service not found at other local auto shops or garages.

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